The Bridge Medical Clinic opened Jan 3, 2012, serving the communities between the Comox Valley and Campbell River. The physicians and staff at The Bridge Medical Clinic strive to provide the highest quality medical care as both a walk-in clinic and a family practice providing continuity of care. We link electronically with CVH and CRH radiology departments, as well as hospital and pharmacy records.

Clinic ​​Hours

"Bridging Acute & Primary Care"
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For your One Stop Shop
Visit the pharmacy inside the clinic -
We are not affiliated but they are here  and
happy to help your pharmacy needs!​​
Pharmasave Phone # 778-420-4311

​​Monday - 9:00 - 7:30 PM
Tuesday- Friday 9-5 PM​
Saturday:  ​10:00 - 2:00​​​ PM ​
Monday Evening Walkin
is OPEN!!
We will be open 9am-7:30pm
for Phone Appointments and Urgent Walkin Care

Phone & Video  Appointments 
In our efforts to work with social distancing and reduce the flow of patients through the clinic, if you have any issues you would like to discuss with a physician please call for a phone appointment. If after the phone consultation the physician deems it necessary for you to attend the clinic in person they will advise you.
We are also offering video appointments through for relevant issues. If this interests you please let reception know when you call in and they will assess the need/benefit of a video call.
Please call us at: 778-420-0200 and we will see how we can assist you.

​​Please click HERE for a review of what a Doxy appointment will look like as well as a Troubleshooting Guide for your call.
Please see above posts for notices on temporary changes.​

​Please call ahead if you have any cough, cold or flu symptoms

For current Island Health Covid Updates visit their website: Island Health
The Bridge Clinic is now Hosting  
Dr Brad Crowe's Chiropractic will begin offering his chiro services through The Bridge Clinic on Thursdays starting June 25th.
Please visit Dr Crowe's website for more information and to book your Appointment at The Bridge Medical.​
Do you have questions about Women's Health?
Concerns that you would like to discuss?

Dr Lauren Baerg has a special interest in Women's Health. She is available through our clinic every other Friday for booked appointments over the phone and when necessary, in the office. 

Please call the clinic to set up a consultation appointment:

 Please go to the Island Health Flu Clinic website: to find other flu clinics being offered.
Phone Systems & Online Booking 

​Please note that because of our high call volume to the clinic we have had to adjust our phone systems. While we no longer have a voicemail option we are definitely still here to help you. We encourage you to get familiar with our Online Booking System which is quite straight forward. You can set up and coordinate your own appointments with your family doctor and if you have any trouble it may simply mean a one-time call to the clinic to change some settings. If you are trying to get through to us and are having difficulties please be patient and keep trying​.
Flu Clinic Date!
Nov 21st  10am-12pm
​or until Vaccine supplies last.

** This is our LAST FLU CLINIC we are offering **
This will be run outside the clinic in the side Parking
​Lot and is a first come, first serve system strictly during
​the advertised hours.
Be prepared to fill out a registration form.
​* Wear a mask
* Have ZERO cough, cold or flu symptoms,
  ​ be fully Healthy 
* Bring a pen, we will not be supplying them
* Wear a no sleeve/short sleeve shirt
* bring a valid Care Card
* be eligible for a free flu shot : click HERE
To create a streamline process, failure to adhere to these protocols will result in No Flu Shot and you will be directed to contact Public Health to book an appointment. ​​
Please watch here for any CANCELLATIONS due to weather 

​​Per the BC Ministry of Health mandate
when inside The Bridge Medical Clinic
Thankyou for your understanding​​​
To help protect our patients, doctors, and staff:
                • Initial appointments, whether booked OR through the walkin, are booked as telephone conferences – your
                 ​ doctor may then request an in-office follow-up. 
                • We have coordinated our in-office appointments to ensure that our patients are able to maintain social
                 ​ distancing within the office, as well as allowing time for thorough cleaning of offices and common-area
                 ​ surfaces throughout the day.
                • When patients attend an in-office visit, they Must wear a Medical Grade Mask and sanitize
                 ​ their hands after they come in the front door.​
                • If you show any signs of flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, sore throat,etc) please do NOT enter the clinic;  
                 ​ self-isolate, and call Island Health’s call centre  at 1-844-901-8442 to assess whether or not a test is
                 ​ needed.
                ​• If your family doctor is here please consider booking an Online Phone Appointment by clicking the blue
                 ​ ‘Book Online’ button at the top of the page. 

Our Patient Resources Page has been recently updated to include the most relevant and helpful information regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic.

If you have questions about Isolation, what type of support is out there for you, how to protect yourself and those you love, plus much more, take a look at what we have put together to help educate ​​and give you the confidence you need to stay safe and informed.